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The Good Stuff -Weekly Deep Conditioner by Jessicurl

A little over a month ago I was rewarded by the Kim Coles Grow out challenge, and Jessicurl with an assortment of Jessicurl products. I wanted to use one product at a time for a least a month so that I could give a critical review. My hair is kinky textured; crochet needle size curls prone to massive shrinkage, with some wavy parts. I am going to cover the things that matter to me when I purchase conditioner, smell, texture, taming the frizz, product integration, and when it should be purchased. There are many good products on the market, but it can be hard to know how to use them.

The Jessicurl products come in three scent choices, non-scented, Island Fantasy and Citrus Lavender. I chose Island Fantasy because other reviews suggested it had a light coconut smell. In actuality, the smell is a light coconut smell with a hint of mango/papaya in the background. When I first opened the jar, the reassuring top note of coconut meat came exuding out of the jar, then the underlying scent of papaya/mango. My nose had to be placed very close to the jar to note a scent. The rich products in the weekly deep treatment turned the fragrance into a gentle masking scent. Island Fantasy is a scrumptious scent in the rest of the product line, but is enveloped in the weekly deep treatment; you will not get much of a scent from this product. Use an additional product like the confident coils afterwards to scent your tresses.

Thick, rich, texture that reminds me of a cross between pudding and bananas. It has a large amount of water infused into a butter/oil base. My hair is normally product greedy, but considers a tablespoon of weekly deep treatment a generous amount. When a dollop is placed upon the hand it seems rather stiff. Once this product is exposed to water it disperses quickly to cover my medium length tresses in a fine coat of humectant. This product is not greasy or heavy. It will help infuse moisture in your hair without weighting it down. If you look closely, the product looks like flan.

Normally, I look to heavy greasy or oily products to coat my wet coils in a sealant. Natural oils go into the cuticle and plump it up to create a resistance, we naturals think of as soft. Jessicurls weekly deep treatment uses a different philosophy to condition our hair. It infuses herbal water in the each curl, and then lightly seals the mixture with a butter/oil combination. This is a wonderful blend of pure moisture, containing no protein. The result is to free the hair from heavy products and the ensuing build up. My curls are moisturized into submission.

 The hair feels stronger, and looks stretched upon applying this conditioner. I applied the product to wet hair and was able to use two teaspoons to do my whole head. When applied to dry hair I need to use a tablespoon. Weekly deep treatment has great product distribution qualities as melts into my hair. Each Hair is coated with a fine covering of the product. The products suggest that it be used with heat, but since I do not have a heating appliance, the products were simply placed upon my hair underneath a plastic bag for an hour. Sometimes I will apply a tiny bit to ends that seem dry to add extra protection. The amount of slip in the product is ok, but I always add more slip prior to detangling. Since the product says it can be used as a leave in I allow the conditioner to absorb in prior to apply my final leave in conditioner. My preferred method of deep treating with this product is to leave it in my hair.

Product Blending
The weekly deep treatment does not leave a white build up when applied prior to gel. I have used it with flax seed gel, Irish moss gel, and various store brands of gel. The product absorbs into my hair well enough to blend nicely with any styling products that I might need. Occasionally, I have added honey to this mask for extra humectation, and some additional oils to make the magic bullet. Since the product has high water content, it does not immediately blend with oil. One can see little oil beads dispersed among the product. When I apply this mixture to my hair the weekly deep treatment absorbs into my hair and is sealed in by the oils. It also stretches this premium product; the eight oz. jar will last me about two months used alone, but it can last four if I do the magic bullet.

Should you buy this product?
This product is quite natural. It is a deep treatment without protein. I can pronounce most of the ingredients in the jar. I use many of these items in my kitchen. Some of the names are highly recommended herbal products. That being said here is a word to all fellow product junkies out there. If your cabinets are brimming with natural product goodness, may I suggest that you use what you have for a month and see how your hair feels? There are no magic products on the market. The most important thing is to have a good hair care regime, which includes great products like this one.

If on the other hand, you are running out of weekly deep conditioner or need a protein-free deep treatment, like to rotate a few good products, then pick up a jar. In my case, I make most of my deep treatments. Moisture infused emollients are particularly troublesome to make at home because they require preservatives to keep them healthy or the product must be made so frequently it is not worth the trouble. This product adds a moisture-based emollient to my homemade arsenal of products. It has a safe list of ingredients, and mixes easily with other products, so I would recommend that you try it too.

Here is the exact recipe to my magic bullet recipe. The honey increases humectation, weekly deep treatment infuses moisture, and Shea butter mix seals in the goodness. After conditioning under a plastic cap for an hour you hair will be ready to detangle. Please rinse the magic bullet out after an hour and apply a leave in.

The Magic Bullet Recipe
1T Weekly Deep Treatment
1T Raw Honey
1T melted Your Favorite Shea Butter Mix

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