Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why I Refuse to Buy Shears Made in Taiwan Part 1

I just got some shears, it was so hard to pick a pair, out of the minions of shears available. I wanted a cute pair but mine are simple shears. All the cute shears are made in Taiwan, or some remote place that I do not trust with something as important to me, as my shears. Some are probably wondering why I refused to purchase the cute shears made in Taiwan. It has nothing to do with the economy, it has to do with my hair. 
People from Taiwan have thick straight hair that is much harder to cut than mine. Furthermore they do not shed or suffer from breakage like I do. If I were to find a responsible company from Taiwan that tested their shears for quality control, I suspect they would still rip my fine hair out because of the difference in fragility.
I really wanted a USA pair, but was only able to find a pair made in Germany. Why would I consider a German pair, since Germans have straight hair. I know of many Germans with straight fine hair, a lot of Germans have thin fragile hair as well. In short, I just hope that these shears were tested on some Germans with thin blond fragile hair, maybe some with hair dye, so that it won't rip my hair out. We will see.
My concern is obviously removing/preventing split ends, so I can experience massive hair growth and have more hair style option. Expect to see a review of differant shears, and scissors as I proceed.

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