Dealing With Ground Zero, and Deer Antler Velvet

Firstly, I did not know I was going bald because I didn't pay that much attention to my hair. Upon joining the Kim Coles Grow Out competition, I had to look at my hair to determine the length, and discovered I was starting from ground zero! Mount Baldy!

  For many years I suffered from various skin conditions, dandruff, dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne. The medical profession has always been available to provide a $200 dollar miracle cream, and I bought them all. If it is used on skin ailments I have probably tried it. So when I started experiencing balding, and severe dermatitis patches, I expected there to be an effective albeit expensive treatment. I was provided with cortisone's, and steroids. They had no effect upon my condition

When the current medical solutions fail, cover the bald spot with your hair, wear a wig, or hat, and get use to being a bald woman. I did start wearing a hat, scarf, covering the spot with my hair. Simultaneously, I wanted options, that included hair regrowth. I love having hair. Just started a love affair with having natural hair, and now I found out I am losing it. I have seen women go bald; this was terrible news. 

So I took a video of my bald spot and became a human gunny pig. I committed to trying every safe treatment available upon the internet. Think of the old Lucy show where Lucy Ball attempts to cure Ricky Ricardo of balding. Yes I went there. Through searching the men and women who have had to take this journey before me, I quickly found a wealth of information. Some of the healthy natural products blogged about on this site have been very effective in my journey. 

 I am bald no more! I can wear a pony tail again, I use a hairline creme. I am on my way to buy a false pony in celebration. Now the doctors say, oh yes people can grow their hair back with massage, herbs, oils, vegetables, they all work temporarily. As soon as you stop applying them, the follicles usually die off. The medical profession was holding out on me, as soon as I treated myself, they had an opinion. 

 I beat female pattern baldness. I got my follicle to go into hyperdrive and have grown three inches of hair. In starting this challenge I had to cut off two or three inches of damaged ends. I cut my hair from APL to SL. Within a month I am back to APL, and my hair is the longest it has ever been in my adult life.

Thank God,(he made this possible) for the internet and allowing the dissemination of knowledge. Thanks to all you hair bloggers for providing me with the knowledge to do this. I will do a video at the end of the month with an official growth update. My bald spot has filled in, the hair is still thinner than the rest of my head, but I am claiming the victory now. I feel so successful, and grateful to have had the opportunity to step out there, not give up, and be able to see my scalp sprouting fresh healthy follicles. Never mind what doctors say. This proves to myself that I can do something positive for myself, if I try. 

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