Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Ugly Side of Youtube -'Fake A## Paid BullSh#t?s

At the beginning of July, one of my favorite you tubers dropped the bomb on the naive you tube community. She came out of the fake review closet, and admitted that she is paid to review products. Then went on about how honest her reviews are. Even a dog has the good sense to prefer the person that feeds them over strangers they just met, that is the dog's honest opinion. Dave Chappell ( I love Dave Chappell) said it best, and I am paraphrasing,'Pepsi and Coke taste the same, but (every) since Pepsi pays me-Pepsi taste better.' Dave observed his honest opinion changed with his paycheck.

Big ups to my girl Taren, and I am a loyal subscriber. I love New Yorkers, because New York people keep it one hundred percent. There are numerous you tubers doing paid reviews; I noticed that fake crap a long time ago. Even after her video exposing everyone, and asking the you tube elite to be more professional, very few were willing to just come out and admit they are paid to discuss products. Denimpixie admitted she is provided with script (things that have to be stated in order to fulfill the contract for payment), deadlines, and mandated to have the website in her paid review videos, that is clearly a promotion, not a review. African Export responded to the ugly side of Youtube by doing a paid video advertising one of those mint companies, but said Taren's video was going to end her popularity as a you tuber personality. Absolutely no one but Taren would just come out, and say, you got to pay me to promote your product. Obviously most popular you tubers are not professional actors so it is pretty clear when they are lying. Seeing some of my favorite you tubers in jacked up weave, when they are normally flawless, links to subscription services, and exuberant prices are dead give aways of payment. Other signs include odd commentary about a product in a non product video.

The reason I call paid reviews fake is because the audience is being misled to believe we are getting tips from someone's kitchen. I will use myself as an example. I am always talking about onions, I say put onion in your hair, juice onions, and eat more onions. If you found out that I owned a multi national onion transportation business instead of being a desperate little sick bald lady that the doctor told to buy a wig, wouldn't you feel tricked? It wouldn't matter if it was my honest opinion; I left out critical details.   Now let me go on record, if the onion business contacted me today, I would cash that check so fast it would make your head spin. It is alright for you tubers to get paid, they worked hard to build their channels, just be honest about it.


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