Monday, August 13, 2012

We Must Fast

Let's take a look down memory lane; we are going way back to the days of the paleolithic man. We were designed for famine, as well as feast. If we miss a meal, do we really suffer. Hunger pains, weakness, and a desire to enjoy food varies by each individual person, but most of us are just fine. Back in the days of the paleolithic man, when our fore fathers had to hunt or gather food, it would take a very long time to acquire food. It was impractical to drink beverages while concentrating on finding lunch. Some days we didn't find any food. The whole days life was centered around hunting, and gathering for this reason.

Sometimes we would find a fruiting tree, and feast until the season was over. On occasion, we would find a patch of sweet roots, and our bellies were filled for a few days. Hunting would provide even less days of food. The hunters food becomes the scavengers food and continues to feed the balance of the carnivore food chain throughout the day. Fruit trees allowed the gatherer to eat for a season, patches of roots provide food for a few days, but meat will only provide Paleolithic man with one meal.

The bodies survival instinct drives us to eat a large amount of meat, and store the energy for famine. Eating meat is a sign of famine. The pre farmer man ate from the tree, so they didn't have a sandwich with fruit or a salad on the side. When we have meat our survival instincts tell us to gorge, because the scavengers are going to take it from us as soon as we are full. Our bodies crave sugar, because normally we would only acquire sugar from fruits and vegetables. They have fiber to balance the glycemic uptake, and are only available in their season. Additionally, fruits are low in calories, so we need to eat a lot of fruit in order to survive.

In spite of our bodies ability to feast, ancient man had the ability to fast. We can go without eating for several days without any negative effects. Right now I can hear the voices saying, but I need to take my medicine. Everyone can skip a meal or snack.

Skip a meal on occasion, and give your body a chance to use up its storage. Just drink some plain water, maybe pop a little lemon to increase the cleansing effect. Your body has been preparing for the famine, if we don't give it a chance to deplete its store houses, they can hold toxins leading to chronic illness. Perhaps over time we can reduce our dependence upon medicine.

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