Saturday, August 4, 2012

Avoid Sun Damage Cover Your Hair

Going to the Beach? Strolling through the park? Enjoying a summer concert? Cover up that hair.

The ultra violet rays exuding from the sun can damage hair over time. The rays break down protein bonds, leading to weak tensile bonds. Additionally, the hair looks dull and dry. Those of us with dark hair can filter uv rays a little better, but if you notice the hair lighting, and looking dull the protein bonds have been affected. Thick haired people fair the best with exposure. Us fine haired ladies need to be extra careful.

Some sun light is good for our health, and allows us to produce vitamins such as vitamin D, but it is best to get about 15 minutes of balmy goodness, and then cover up.


  1. nice post... very informative and helpful. only if folk would know what damage the sun can cause if it is not managed well

    1. Thank you, for years I didn't know and would fry my hair all summer.

  2. Hiya! How do you think, has your writting technique gone any better recently?

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