Thursday, August 9, 2012

Juice is for Sick People

Juice is for sick people. Juice is medicine, it is not food, because it has no substance. Juice is more like a bioavailable supplement. Smoothies have some food like properties, but are easier to digest, so they help us to heal to an extent. Food is the best thing to maintain health.

Concentrated sugar, enzymes and vitamins that are bioavailable are good for sick people. The same way clear soup is good for the sick. we wouldn't think of existing on a a diet of clear soups so what makes us think a diet of fresh juice is healthy. Medicine is great when a person is sick, but it is often hard on the liver over time. So the question becomes how does one define sick?

If a person has acne, less than three bowel movements a day, takes any kind of medicine, or leads a sedentary lifestyle, I would classify that as sick. Bodies in motion digest better as movement is a part of the digestive process. Recovering persons are individuals that have been improving their health for a while, and have detoxed a lot of things out of the system, they may still have some the conditions of a sick person, but they have noticed improvements. With their active lifestyle an all juice diet would be counter productive to the health of the liver. Healthy people are rare where I live, but I am sure they can define themselves. Healthy people are the only ones that have a strong enzymatic digestive system to handle an all food diet.

God's speed on your journey to health: The author believes there is no such thing as age related disease, it is only related to our choices. Change your lifestyle; End the sickness.

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