Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pura Body Natural Review

I purchased the complete purabodynatural line of products because of the many positive reviews I saw on the line. Upon using the products I enjoyed the positive effect of the products upon my hair. Simultaneously, I do not agree with the rave reviews of most of these products, I am still considering various other lines.

Sapote Hair lotion is a medium thickness lotion. I bought the tahitian vanilla scent and I am very happy with the scent. The lotion is a good leave in for adding moisture to the hair and has humectant properties. I used this product along with the capuacu butter. Although I liked this product and am still using it, I prefer a thicker creme to this medium texture lotion. The product provides good moisture, but not as much as a creme. The lotion provides some water, but not as much as a spray. So it is a good product for someone that wants to use a medium weight all in one product. I like the unique feel of the product, sapote is a healing oil.

Sapote Oil is a medium to rich oil. I apply this oil to my scalp, not my hair. Sapote oil has been studied and found to have healing properties. In 1970, clinical tests at the University of California at Los Angeles failed to reveal any hair-growth promoting activity but confirmed that the oil of sapote seed is effective in stopping hair-fall caused by seborrheic dermatitis. 

Capuacu Butter is a whipped butter. I love the texture of this product, it is a butter that has been whipped to the point of feeling airy on the hand. I enjoy both the smell and texture of this creme. I use this product to seal my hair and do braid outs. I find this product very moisturizing, but it does not provide hold or the best braid outs. The results of using this product is to have soft moisturized hair. This is my favorite butter for moisturizing my hair.

Chocolate Hair Smoothie is medium weight creme. It has a light chocolate smell to it, I would have preferred a stronger chocolate smell based upon the title. This a good deep conditioner, it gets the job done. I like to use a chocolate deep conditioner when I want to increase the mineral content in my deep conditioning treatment. 

Rhassoul Hair and Body Cleanser is a container of Moroccan red clay. This clay when mixed with oils has both cleansing and conditioning properties. I use this as a cleansing deep conditioner. It has purifying properties, but is very conditioning. This is more of a co wash than a cleanser when mixed with oils. When used with water or vinegar, this clay makes my hair hard, so I would suggest the use of another clay for gentle cleansing. 

PuraBody Natural is a unique product line that seems to have purifying, cleansing, and healing properties. I do not consider it the most moisturizing line I use, but it is the only line that focuses on healing properties. I enjoy this line and will continue to purchase items.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hair Therapy Wrap VS Heating Cap VS Hard Hair Dryer

I am in love with the hair therapy wrap. Prior to this product I was doing the overnight conditioning method. In the past I have used a heating cap and a hard hair dryer . Just thought I would do a review comparing these products and no heat conditioning methods for the consummate shopper.

A hard hair dryer is a hair workhorse. It can be used for deep conditioning, roller sets, hair drying, wraps and a myriad of other healthy hair practices. This product is at the bedrock of hair care, and has been since close to a century. The hard hair dryer is a tried and true hair product; all other products are just a modification upon this mechanical design.

Ease of use
Gentle heat for hair
Evenly distributed heat
Adjustable temperature

Tend to break and need replacing often; if you find one from the 1970 or older they are well made, but don’t have new perks.
Must stay still

Heating Cap is just like a hard hair dryer except it is a plastic cap. Although it can be used for the same things, there are some differences that matter.

Ease of use
Gentle heat for hair
Adjustable temperature
Allows natural movement of the head
Sturdy, long lasting appliance

Uneven heat distribution
Can be too small for some roller sets
Gets stained by product

Blow Dryer with Heating Cap Attachment: This device is economical if you already have a blow dryer, but it is uncomfortable to try to hold it for a lengthy period of time. Consider it for vacations only, where you want to do a quick treatment to avoid chlorine damage.

Hair Wrap: If you ever discover a love for deep conditioning, henna, cassia, or hot oils, consider getting a hair wrap. Prior to receiving one as a part of a goody bag, I had no idea what I was missing.  The device uses hot pack technology placed into a terry cap to retain heat. It is very easy to use, I can do chores while my hair is conditioning, I can take a nap and then wake up and style. My hair has increased moisture when I use heat. This works better than an overnight deep conditioning with no heat.

Ease of use
Gentle heat for hair
Allows one to do chores
No electricity required

Conditioner only
No timer
Warm only

In order to wrap up my review, here is my opinion. If you can only have one appliance get the hard hair dryer if you have the space and budget. If space is an issue get the heating cap because it can still be used to style with. When you are ready to add a conditioning heating element to your arsenal pick up a heat therapy wrap.  I do not recommend purchasing the blow dryer heating attachment at this time.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

When Beauties Meet Wig, Weave and Natural Hairspirations

Several ladies meet with some of the favorite local you tube gurus like Bossy Lady, and Mechy for brunch at Joe's crab shack. The event was well organized, about 35 of us sat down for a meal, were provided with lovely goodie bags.

I received tiger earrings, I looked as everyone else's earrings and my little heart was filled with envy. A little thought entered my head to see if I could get five different goodie bags so that I could have every earring I saw.

Most of the ladies wore beautiful weaves, wigs or extension styles. I wanted a wig so bad, I could taste it. Wigs make wonderful easy protective styles with little commitment to style. Of course the nice lace wigs are pricey; particularly after my buying all my oils, butters, and herbs for natural hair. There were several drawings for wigs, and extension hair, but unfortunately, it was not my turn to win a wig. Of course I will keep my eye out for wig and hair contest so that I can add that protective style to my winter hair wardrobe.

I wore my twist bow style with a bright invigorating eye make up by fashion fair

My outfit of the day was my vintage Dolce and Gabana, paired with the 2008 YSL stillettos

Fashion Fair eye look

This lady had a beautiful auburn two tone color in her hair

Here is a chic updo by another hair fashionista

I spent half the time taking pictures of this ladies hair and asking her a million questions. The general consensus is you need the creamy crack to get this look, but if I can come up with a natural dupe, you will be the first to know.

I do love the height of this style, and her hair color. The shine is a marvelous as well.

This is one of us, and my hair twin. Although at first glance her hair looks like ringlets, it is actually twist.

Here is a pretty updo pair with a beautiful bright pink outfit, stunning.

I am going to let you in on a secret, this is a hair piece. She picked a beautiful natural tecture, this would be great hair inspiration while growing out natural hair in a protective style.

 Here is another custom made wig. It looks like a twist out.

Bossy lady wore this wig, and then she sat next to me. I was staring at her hair the whole time we were eating. She used purple highlights to create the glow in this style. I love it.

When I saw these earrings in somebody elses goodie bag, I kept checking the bottom of my goodie bag to see if I missed something, until I was informed we all received different things.

 Here is another nice week end style that can be achieved with a hair piece while protecting your own hair.

Sometimes the simple styles are the most elegant. This simple updo makes a statement with a well placed hair ornament.

Lush flowing locks exude out of this ladies head from an artfully placed lace wig made by bossy lady. Beautiful.

One male you tube guru joined us in order to share his cooking channel. Once he said he cooked cajon food, we were all ears.

Please go to my you tube channel to see what was in my goodie bag.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Self Confidence

Love Yourself, be proactive about how you feel. Trust yourself, and it will get better.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get Kim Kardashian's $35 million dollar Wedding for $5,000 DIY

Did you love how beautiful Kim Kardashian looked at her wedding? Do you dream of having a wedding just like hers, but think you could never afford it. Read this article, I am going to tell you how to get a $35 million dollar wedding for around $5,000.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Naturals Mad for Nivea Re-Civilize Yourself!

Nivea gave the African-American population the biggest compliment corporate has ever placed upon us and we lost it. The displaced African Diaspora has always longed to be part of the main stream. We finally made it and couldn't handle the pressure. Main stream is not handled with kid gloves, and main stream has no secrets. The natural movement has given us a perception of confident self aware African people, but this is simply not the truth.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Paster Zachery Tims Cocaine; His Congregation Crack

The issue of hypocrites in the church keeps being forced into our faces. Is God trying to tell us something? Paster Zachery Tims died from a drug overdose, alone in a ritzy W hotel.  The media is treating like a gotta; another hypocrite in the church. Are we a church full of liar? Do we go to church on Sunday, sit next to our connection(dope man), and do our dirt at brunch? How much pain results from the untimely discovery of the truth? It is about time we quit expecting perfection from the pulpit.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Twisted Hair Bow

The Devil Was at the Barney's Shoe Sale

The devil was at the Barney's shoe sale luring souls to bad credit. Barney's had their annual warehouse sale at the Los Angeles convention center, and everybody's credit was at risk. All the things I mused about all year long were underneath one tent. Every designer hoar within 150 miles was there vying for what I wanted. They had Christian Loubution, Chanel, YSL, Mark Jacob, Barney's brand and more. It was a fiend fest. Ladies turned into screeching banshees as soon as the doors opened.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Man Catching Afro They Like em Natural

Since I have gone natural I am a man magnet. There are always two or three guys at the club fighting to rub my scalp and feel my hair. When I take the train, men pull over and offer me rides. The postman made an extra stop to compliment my vintage outfit. It was a bright orange 70's maxi with orange nails to match. I posted the outfit on youtube, check my channel howconnie to see it.