Saturday, August 6, 2011

Conversations About the Death of My Father

        You are making false claims about the hospital it is the person who had signed for him.

SugaB77 22 minutes ago 

         @SugaB77 You seem very upset on the hospitals behalf, are you affiliated with them?

howconnie 13 minutes ago 

         I am making correct claims about the hospital, eldercide, insanacide are real, and something needs to be done to stop it. I will continue opening my voice against these horrible acts because my father is dead. 

howconnie 7 minutes ago 

         I don’t know the whole story but you can designate someone to be your voice for you.

SugaB77 23 minutes ago 

         @SugaB77 My father was insane, and as such would have needed a judge’s order to take power attorney from me. 

howconnie 11 minutes ago 

         You know your family was wrong and yes the hospitals main concern is to main patient's confidentiality. You should have been fought for medical power of attorney. You trusted some not so good people to take care of your father and if you have all these rights and never relinquish them then why were there other people taking care of him and why weren't you more aware of your father's care if you had all tis power. And yes you will get immunity from antibiotics if you continue to keep using them

SugaB77 25 minutes ago 

         @SugaB77 I had power of attorney, as I explained in the video my father was an addict, and prone to disappear, so I was unaware of what was going on. If you have never had to deal with a close family members addiction, it would not make sense. My family only contacted me at his death so I could pay for the funeral. 

howconnie 14 minutes ago 

Please view my youtube post They Killed my Father. Each day scared insane elderly people are killed in hospitals across america. Please add your voice to mine.

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