Monday, August 15, 2011

Man Catching Afro They Like em Natural

Since I have gone natural I am a man magnet. There are always two or three guys at the club fighting to rub my scalp and feel my hair. When I take the train, men pull over and offer me rides. The postman made an extra stop to compliment my vintage outfit. It was a bright orange 70's maxi with orange nails to match. I posted the outfit on youtube, check my channel howconnie to see it.

I am taken to fancy concerts, camping trips, dinners, movies, and bottles of wine. I am really a forty oz. in the parking lot sort of girl so the attention I got from being natural took me by surprise. Went to a party with my girl and ended up with our own suite at the Mondrion Hotel. A football coach came to town and offered to send a limo to take me to the all stars, but I was already hanging with my girls. Even Pookie got out of jail, and took me to a fancy restaurant because he said I wasn't fake. Natural is fun.

Don’t sleep on this, go natural or weave some kinks in your head. Men love the Afro.

Man magnet naturals wear bold delicious styles, smiles, and let people touch their hair. You will have way more men then any other girl. Once you get use to being adored, and have a little bit of fun, try to settle down; if you can.

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