Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heartbreaking Comments From the UK

Some Video blogs we teach and others we learn. I did a blog on why I was outraged at a BBC reporters comment, and the UK responded to me with facts that taught me something. These comments are heartbreaking. Poor citizens of the UK, be strong.

I did not cut or alter the conversation in anyway. The conversation starts on the bottom, therefore the newest comment is the first one read. Watch the internet family go from fighting to holding one another up during a crisis. To see additional commentary go to the you tube post on my channel.

  • Blighty needs to create jobs get people working make people feel worthy of something instead of spending their lives on benefits . Just hope this is a turning point for the better , it has to be . Never really got involved in politics but as a taxpayer who works hard I'm going to see my local MP ( whoever he or she is ) and demand to know what the government plan to do for the future so this never happens again . After all my taxes go towards paying the MP's wages so I deserve an answer .
  • @Albert18264 Great job! Albert talk to your MP! People need self worth. You go get em.
  • The riots are not about racism. No black vs white thing. Most looters are white men.
    It is about poverty, no-future-attitude, no perspectives, corrosion of society.
    What do the parents tell to those "kids" when they go out and come home with some flatscreens in their hands?
  • @ulizinho Why do people feel that they have no future? What is corroding society? Are most people poor? How Poor? What is going on?
  • whether the police or the victim shot first....that does not allow young men to go looting, burning and killing.
    Peace, Up the Irons from Berlin
  • I love my country and proud to have been born here but I must say at this moment in time I am ashamed to be English . Even though it was only a small amount of people that caused the trouble the whole world has seen what's happened and we will all get judged the same .
  • @Albert18264 Go easy on yourself, there are a lot of good English people. Albert, we still love you English. That is why we all reacted to this. We just all need to try to do better next time, let us try to figure out how to get there. Hold your head up high.
  • I'm from Essex @ 30 miles from London . Regarding the riots I do feel the shooting by the police may have played a SMALL part in what happened . His family made a peaceful protest for answers and the police took too much time to talk to them . But then local thugs started to riot and it just grew from there . Schools are closed here for holidays at the moment so kids had too much time to spare but that is no excuse at all . I blame the parents first then the government . So sad what happened .
  • If you are in London and get copy, video, send it to me, I will post links in my description box. Youtube disables links in comments as spam.
  • That guy who was shot by the police had a gun it is illegal to have a firearm in the UK fact , and I'm glad we have that law . Please also take into account that the police admited that he did not fire at them first which was first assumed what happened . Don't you realise the police and government could of made up any old story but told the truth which deserves some sort of praise surely ? . Also the victims family condemed the riots but still people decided to cause trouble , they are scum .
  • @Albert18264 Are you in the UK too? If so, why do you think made so many upset to the point of riot?
  • these little thugs even set small local businesses on fire after stealing from them.this shows it was not the government the where after.they just wanted a good time, and to do what they did because they could see the police could'nt stop this video. watch?NR=1&v=haX6gQh5b3w
  • @hotties3v3n Are they rioting in your town?
  • @howconnie yeah they where rioting in London firstly(where i live)then it spread throughtout the uk.because others wanted to copy and steal too. i've heard that this happened because the government want to impose "marsal(sp)? law" in england...... i'll try and send you some links.they've started to catch some of the people looting(stealling).on thing i can say is that the racism here is astounding.all i read online is "all he rioters are black"! or "send thoses ni***rs back to africa"!!!
  • @hotties3v3n Thanks in advance for the links. Stay safe. Why is the UK wanting to impose marshal law, is it unsafe?
  • which is a joke considering i saw just as many white people rioting as black people!
  • @hotties3v3n When I saw all the white and black people looting I was wondering if people can afford enough in the UK. Here in Los Angeles, joblessness tends to increase the likelihood of a riot. Our last riot fathers were stealing diapers, and mattresses, it was so sad.
  • @hotties3v3n I think they disabled the link, send it to me and I can put it in my description box, I want everyone's voice to be heard.
  • hi connie! i live in London("black british),but i gotta say that these incidents are unrelated.the was the shooting of the mark duggan by the police because they thought he was armed.he died and then his family protested. However there where "opportunists"who though "we can take advantage of this situation"and so they started to riot so they could cause trouble and steal.then other places across england then the UK began to copy too!that all it is.even the dead man family did'nt want rioting.
  • @hotties3v3n Thanks for providing information from London about the riot, did you find out anything else?
  • You high? Black-white,white-black what wrong with you locks like you wanna show your black dress & white nose. Stop drugs!
  • I assume then that your sons took to the streets. Probably got some nice shiny new 'bling', yes! New trainers! And you will whining about 'police harrassment of black people', when they come knocking on your door as a result of this stupid video. I suppose it is easier for you to justify you kid's behaviour, than to actually take any responsibility for it.
    I am white, and I have been saying that these incidents were not racially motivated. After listening to this, I am not so sure.
  • @s4mweller Glad the truth got you in touch with your inner racist, the 12 steps to change begins with recognition. De Nile is a river in Africa.
  • @s4mweller White men have been very generously accepting blame for this racist mess we are in, it is not your fault. Free yourself with the truth. We all played our part and we all need to be a part of the solution. Thanks for the comment.

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