Sunday, August 21, 2011

Paster Zachery Tims Cocaine; His Congregation Crack

The issue of hypocrites in the church keeps being forced into our faces. Is God trying to tell us something? Paster Zachery Tims died from a drug overdose, alone in a ritzy W hotel.  The media is treating like a gotta; another hypocrite in the church. Are we a church full of liar? Do we go to church on Sunday, sit next to our connection(dope man), and do our dirt at brunch? How much pain results from the untimely discovery of the truth? It is about time we quit expecting perfection from the pulpit.

Paster Zachery was a man called by God and a drug addict. We lost a good man. In the real church, he could have gotten some help. This fake church is killing people. Addictions of all sorts are demonic holds on us, I mourn the fact that he couldn't attend meetings, reach out to someone, and continue to feed his family. We should all repent for placing an inhumane burden on a man that was obviously trying. When a person store up a whole bunch of cocaine then binges, that person has usually been trying to quit, and failed. Often times the recovering addict is more at risk of overdose because they may use more than their body is accustomed to processing. Paster Zachery may have been a cocaine addict, but his congregation was on crack.

Please quit judging the deceased paster and take some time to look at yourself. I personally will confess to suffering from addictive behavoir. Promiscuity has often led me to miss church. Trying to change my ways sometimes I will be celibate, then I go on a binge. So even tho it is a different problem I can recognize the signs of an addict in recovery, having a fatal relapse. There are meeting for all addictions, and when I make it to a meeting, I hear the sad tales of drug addicts being interrupted by incessant phone calls from their drug pushers. When a user take a week off, the dealers act like love scorned witches, blowing up their phones. Yes I read the bible, pray, and love the Lord. We all have problems, if you are perfect, oh well.

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