Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London is On Fire, We don't Need No Water

When the police department is sent out as henchmen to terrorize and target a group or class of people until they are destroyed. Death begins a riot, riots began revolutions because absolute power is unsustainable. Each day a man is stopped by the police he shakes in fear of the bullet. Wives, mothers, children, fathers fear the call from a morgue to identify a life held tender in heart. The moment one group starts taking life and liberty from all there is nothing to lose from dying today. We refuse to continue to live like this. Outrage, upon recognizing that this kind of life is not worth living, births a riot. When the souls a million of voices recognize a unified call to something better a revolution begins. Quality of life is worth a riot.

Sometimes it is a comment that reverberates into the minds of the masses, such as 'let them eat cake'. Outrageous, to taunt hungry people with such abundance combined with ignorance. On the streets of London I saw white and black people stealing trinkets, not Rolex, Cartier and Chanel, but junk. That makes a powerful statement about the state of the nation. British people are being left behind by a few wealthy greedy power hungry bigots. Had I known Prince William and Kate put on that glorious wedding, flaunting the haves, while common people are being shot down in the streets, I should have spit at the T. Mothers desperate for basic things are teaching their children to loot. The response has been the same throughout time, burn down the castle and overthrow the king. A reporter's comment to Darcus over the death of Mark Duggan, "that is no reason to riot." If death after torture is not a reason to riot what is? This demonstrates how insignificant the life of African West Indians are to British. Darcus stated that is somebodies son. The Bristish haven't learned anything from the American Revolution? Still pulling out the redcoats, and losing a war. A nation can never win a war against the people, it can only delay demise. 

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