Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get Kim Kardashian's $35 million dollar Wedding for $5,000 DIY

Did you love how beautiful Kim Kardashian looked at her wedding? Do you dream of having a wedding just like hers, but think you could never afford it. Read this article, I am going to tell you how to get a $35 million dollar wedding for around $5,000.

The Mermaid Dresses $200
If you  have the body for a mermaid dress you are in luck, because they are cheap and abundant. Check the racks at your local outlets, discount stores or the annual $100 dollar wedding dress sale at David's bridal. For a perfectly fitting dress grab a couple yards of satin fabric and sew it up yourself. Lastly, go to the local thrift/vintage store or Ebay, and pick one up. There is no need to pay more than $100 for a simple unembelished satin mermaid dress, so buy two, just like Kim.

The Veil and Hair styles $100
Pick up a comb, tulle and glue from the wedding section of the .99 cent store. Glue your veil together then head to the fabric store to finish it off. Purchase a yard of rhinestones and tie it around your head to create the final touch on the head. Depending upon the type of rhinestones you like, expect to be able to complete this head dress and veil for $50. Wear your hair down for the reception with a rhinestone hair comb $30 on the side. Use a Hair piece instead of extensions for only $30

Purse/ Shoe $0
Borrow a nice shoe from someone, because no one is going to see it. Why waste money here, you have a $35 million dollar wedding to pay for. Skip the purse, you won't be able to hold it with the flowers.

Flowers $50
Purchase 5 bulbs of three months prior to your wedding, grow them in a pot and then cut your bouquet for the wedding. Option number two, cut your magnolia tree or rose bush flowers and wrap for your bouquet. Option number three, buy a bouquet of Calla Lillies or any pretty long stem white flowers from the local grocery store for around $10 dollars. Whichever method you decide to use, pick up some thick black ribbon and tie it around your bouquet.

Reception $500
Kim had her wedding in the backyard of a mansion. Most cities have luxurious spaces available for rent at a fraction of the cost of a private mansion rental. Have your wedding in the cities botanical garden gazebo, a university garden, public museum with garden, church garden, or you own backyard. Rent some lovely white chairs and walla. Million dollar wedding space for a few hundred dollars. Make sure to have you wedding when the flowers are blooming to cut the cost of floral arrangements. If you allow the city to have quest pass through they will charge you a small fee like $100. To use a public facility for private purposes, it is best to marry on a weekday.

Table and Toppers $200
Rent tables, toppers, etc from the local party supply. You need at least 10 tables including a round table for the cake. Use a black table cloth, and a white topper to create the same elegant look as Kim. Take a picture to the party rental to make sure the look is complete.

Food and Service $3000
Have the food of your choice catered, make sure this includes service, table linen, dishes, set up and removal

Liquor $500 DIY Bar
Forego expensive champagne and $500 dollars of hard liquor. Provide the recipe for a great drink and the equipment to make it. Let everyone try their hand at making this special beverage.

Candy Apple Favor $500
Give everyone a red candy apple as a favor because you are hot

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