Wednesday, August 3, 2011

100 Subscriber Giveaway Contest

The month of August is giveaway time. It is so much fun to share something special with those that I care about. It took a concerted effort to pick out prizes that would benefit the unique needs of my subscribers. Everyone is giving away make up; several people give away coveted electronic equipment, and gift cards. I found one lady on YouTube that is just as in love with oils as I am. She and I like to give away oil. She did a give away for coconut oil, and explained how this oil has improved so many aspects of her life. Do a YouTube search for coconut oil, so many of us are touting its virtue. Of course I needed to take it one step further in order to make sure that you know it is I.

I am giving away mustard seed oil, and coconut oil: Two prizes with two winners. Mustard seed oil is harder to find, but just as exciting. It is great for cooking, hair care, muscle aches, and arthritis. Mustard seed oil increases circulation. Coconut oil is good for hair, skin, body, and frying. It is one of the few healthy saturated fats. Some say a diet rich in coconut oil can lower blood pressure by unclogging arteries. Now that is some good stuff.

Throwing a contest is something I enjoy and hope to be able to provide more great products to help with the journey. Here are the rules you must follow or subscribe to both my blog and YouTube channel. Each contestant must leave a comment on both the blog and YouTube channel. Here are the questions. What do you like about my channel? What do you like about my blog. 
It is necessary to sign in, follow, or have an open ID to leave a comment below. If you like contest follow me on twitter; every Saturday I tweet contest. Make sure that you identify your youtube ID, if you like to use a different ID or picture for blogs. Thanks for participating in contest.

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  1. The way I feel about your blog is pretty much the same way I feel about your YT. It's very open and informative, when you do research you give everyone a good breakdown of what you've discovered and how you incorporate it in your regimen. It's also inspiring to see someone recorver form alopecia and other forms of baldness that others see as unpreventable.

  2. I like your blog because it's super funny and informative. I do; however, prefer your youtube channel only because I like youtube more

  3. yes this is pamela holmes. when i went to yuor blog and tried to comment on it, it wouldnt leave me a message, but i wanted to tell you i was on hairlista one day and i saw your video that you talked about your dad. i was very moved by that, because i was close to my father also. and he died 4 yrs ago. it brought back many memories of my family , that is similar to yours, also i love the way you speak out about hair cair and growth, you are a very pure of heart person!


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