Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fierce Twist Hawk - Howl

My Fiercest Twist Hawk
 Utubehaircare's contest giving away a coach bag ends on the full moon, and all the hair wolfs are howling.  I just saw my skincare guru's natural hair tutorial, (it was cute too). The competition is wild, and all the viewers will benefit. My style pulls way back into my hair show fan bag of tricks. A lot of great hairstylist are being drawn out of the wood work by the scent of a coach bag in the air. It can only be described as blood in the ocean, watch out for sharks! 

Give Me that Coach Bag!
It seems that two popular formats dominate the competition either a mohawk or puff.  Most of the You Tube hairstyle gurus have thick, long hair, so when the style is replicated upon our work-in-progress manes, it just doesn't look as fabulous. The videos submitted for this competition represent all different lengths, textures and amounts of hair, there is thick, thin, and medium hair, so it is a great opportunity to find a new style. The contest closes July 31, 2011, and today is the 30th. I just found out today, if you follow me on twitter, you would have gotten my Saturday morning contest tweets. Snap, snap, get that video together. You better bring it, if you are going to snatch that coach bag from me. 

Hair Wolf Caught the Scent of a Coach Bag 

Claw, jaws, and teeth; what this twist hawk is made of. Firstly I wanted to bring punk rock back into the Mohawk. The Mohawk was the original sign of a crazed rebel. It was scary, wild and fierce. I had been eyeing afro hawks with envy, because most twist hawks look like 1940's office hairstyles. A true hawk needs to have hair sticking up in a I do not care what you think of me because I am fierce, dare to ask me a question! A punk rock edge is mandatory. My big head was just spinning upon how to make the twist hawk fierce, very happy with the results.

  Start by sectioning the hair into three parts. Try to go straight back like the lines on a football helmet. Next twist the middle into individual twist. On each side of the head use flat twist that go straight up, make sure that you do not twist them going back because the flat twist are used to create the pompadour.


I took twigs from my ivy vine and broke them into varying size pieces, washed them in a good soap to make sure they were clean. Be sure to pick relatively smooth twigs, so that your hair is safe. After a foundation is created by tying two flat twist across the head it is time to start putting the style together. Take the individual twist and tuck them into the foundation until they are a length that will stick up. Do not worry if the hair falls down, the twigs will fix that. Now twist the ends around the twigs and arrange them for the style. It looks fierce, go to the the hair wars and let everyone drool over the wildness.

Flat Twist 

Here is a close up of the foundation created by tying the two flat twist across the head, and looping the individual twist into it from the top. It looks pretty, and much more complicated than it is.

Twisted Twist
Add a basic pompadour by saving the front layer of hair; fold the bang over itself and loop it underneath the tied front flat twist. After this is done just arrange the puffed front to the most flattering.
View from the front
 Finally accent the style with artfully placed twigs of varying lengths. Twirl twist around the sticks until they are almost covered. Add a few bare branches to complete the look. Have fun with this style, wilder is always better. 
Front Side Close Up
In the back a few twist are left out to shake to the beat of the music in your head. Sticks can also be place in a few of the long twist to add extra bite to the style.  
Back Side View
 Wear this style on Saturday night and see what happens. A wild combination of pretty hair techniques combined to create a great week end club look. What make this style work is personal confidence, be subtle, let the hair speak. Separate the haters from the fans with fierceness.
Side View Pompadour

Detail View

 Are you brave enough to unleash my fiercest twist hawk ever ?

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