Friday, July 15, 2011

Are You Ready For the Big Chop Quiz?

Are You Ready For the Big Chop? Find Your Alter Hair Ego Quiz

It would be prudent to access the current hair care regime prior to making any drastic length changes? Find out if your hair is ready for the big chop by taking this fun quiz.

1. How often do you wash or co wash your hair?
A. Every two week I pamper myself at the salon
B. When ever I get my weave/braids taken out
C. I co wash twice per week

2. How long does it take to detangle your hair?
A. This revolutionary new brush I just bought can detangle my hair in 5 minutes.
B. I never need to detangle because I have my hair flat iron trained.
C. Since I pre poo and place my hair in box braids before I wash, then carefully detangle each section, it can take 30 minutes, healthy hair is worth it.

3. What is your beverage of choice?
A. Sweet Tea
B. Sex in the City Cosmopolitan
C. Alkaline Water

4. What type of supplements do you take?
A. I often take the kids Flintstone chewable to save time.
B. That depends on what herbs classify as a supplement
C. To ensure I get all of my nutrients I take an age appropriate vitamin; prenatal if childbearing age and female.

5. How do you prepare your hair for bed?
A. At night I treat myself. First Boar bristle brush scalp, wrap with paddle/Denman/teaser, smooth with a fine toothcomb, bobby pin, then roll the ends.
B. I just wrap my hair up at night, tie with a silk scarf, and sleep on a silk pillow.
C. Each night I moisturize with favorite oil, wrap in a silky scarf, and then sleep on a satin pillowcase.

Wild haired mavens please count the number of time you answered A, B, or C.
If the majority of your answers are A, your alter hair ego is Jackie the Hair Ripper.
If the majority of your answers are B your alter hair ego is Nero the Hair Burner
If the majority of your answers are C, your alter hair ego is Lola the Hair Flaunter
Jack The Ripper In Action

Jackie the Hair Ripper
Jackie, you own a Denman, tangle teaser, shower comb, Ace Comb, paddle brush, boar bristle, and a fine tooth comb. Still when you look around the bathroom sink, there is hair everywhere. Attacking your hair in order to quickly style has caused all those spilt ends.

Sea monster says right now you take care of everyone but yourself; you are just tired of the kids pulling on your hair, practice slow gentle detangling techniques with a wide toothcomb. Don't even think about using a brush. You are not ready for the big chop. After two weeks of protective hairstyles try again.

Nero Fiddling while Rome burned

Nera the Hair Burner

Nera, You once got a ticket for flat ironing while driving.  You look sleek and flawless but even the most expensive ceramic iron will cause heat damage over time. You once stayed in the house all spring in order to avoid a sprinkle. Your hair is thirsty.
Sea monster says use a heat protectant, and quit feeling your scalp for a nap at the club. You are not ready for the big chop. Spritz your hair with water, seal with oil, and roller set for a month, and then try again.

Lola the Hair Flaunter

Lola, you keep a set of your favorite products at your desk. Your hair whether relaxed or curly is always properly moisturized. At least once per week you wash your hair with a gentle shampoo or co-wash.

Sea Monster says congratulations you have taken the time to develop healthy hair care practices.
You are ready for the big chop. Please post your gorgeous big chop pictures on my blog, and enjoy your natural hair journey.

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