Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Topically: My Baldness Regrowth Summer Regime

Physically, my journey changes with the season. I have completely different regimes according to the season. The summer season is upon us so that is the regime I am going to discuss in this blog.

In the summer I exercise more, eat more fruit, and apply more Rinses. Instead of a mask I often like to use a rinse in the summer.

Onion Mask Rinse
1/2 Raw onion
2 cloves garlic
1/4 c red pepper sauce
1 c water
1 t herb of choice ( I mostly use neem, but I do change them up)
4 to 15 drops of essential oil of choice
Sandalwood or Cedar-wood

1. Make a tea from the herb in a cup of water and let it cool.
2. Mix herb, tea, and vegetables.
3. Strain through a cheesecloth, and add essential oil
4. Add more water if needed to get a watery consistency.
5. Oil your dry hair with shea/cocoa/mango butters, grease, almond, mustard or coconut oil depending up on the texture, and dryness of the hair. It is necessary to use a heavy butter/grease on the ends to prevent the hair shaft from splitting as a result of this surge of moisture particularly for fine hair.
6. Wet your hair
7. Pour the rinse onto your scalp and hair.
8. Place a plastic bag upon the hair, then go to sleep.
9. Wash your hair in the morning
10. Scalp massage in the shower
11. Bun your hair

My hair texture is currently thriving with the use of mango butter mix on the ends over a coconut oil mix. I am placing castor oil upon my scalp. The rinse takes longer to work than a mask because it is less concentrate; but the clean up is easier, and I get an oil treatment while I sleep without using heat in the summer. The water keeps my head somewhat cool while the plastic cap retains an even scalp temperature.

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  1. hello!
    what is the recipe for the actual onion mask? I can't find it anywhere on your site. I have been using just onion juice but would love to try your recipe!
    thank you!


  2. I thought I posted the recipe, I will be back with the link

  3. thank youuuuuu! 8-)

  4. also-- have you ever experimented with indian herbs like AMla, Brahmi et etc? they re supposed to be great for hair growth.
    ---let me know where you post the link for onion mask! I have been doing pure onion twice a week for 2 to 8 hours. usually do it one evening and again the next morning so it s really 4 applications. is that enough in your opinion?
    Also this lady makes completely natural hair products, and I have been using her stop loss, which has onion extract in it but less stinky than onion juice for the days i want to interact with other humans lol.
    ( linda Kammins, google her, she s great!)

  5. My recipe is listed above, I was on a hand held device, and could see the link clearly. Also my updates are on my website wildhairedmavens.com. If you look at the video I show you how to make the mask, and use the Ayurvedic herbs you mentioned.

    I like onion extract, it is just my condition was so severe it had no chance of working for me. For slow hair loss like some male pattern baldness where slow hair return is ok, the extract is great. With sudden hair fall like mine, it is like putting dust on a smoke stack eventually it might help.

  6. oh ...sorry I thought that the recipe on this page was a different recipe since you said you were doing a lighter version for summer.
    ok! great I will try to go find that recipe on the other website.
    thank you so much and GREAT , AMAZING job you did with your hair!
    mahalo and aloha!


  7. PS: does it matter what kind of pepper you use? I ran to the shop and couldn' t find red. I got a habanero I think.
    thanks again

    1. Any pepper is fine, I think habanero is much hotter than Serrano, so be sure to check the heat.

  8. thank you so very very much for taking the time to answer all my questions!
    And thank you for sharing all this...

    I never thought I d have to worry about hair loss... yikes! ( btw-- first time trying garlic... does it linger longer / tougher to wash than onion smell? I added essential oil of lemon to cut it but...still afraid to scare people away with post shampoo stench! lol)

    PS: you look great! one would never imagine in a million year you had hair problems in the past!

    1. Lol, thank you. In my experience garlic does not linger like onion. Lemon should be nice. The quickest way to get rid of the onion smell is to keep doing the mask until the scalp is free dead skin cells. The onion clings to small unseen dead scalp cells.

    2. oy, i tried last night. My roommate was supposed to be out all evening but she came back way earlier. She wasn t happy about the stench lol.

      Problem is, i washed my hair three times last night and twice this morning and still reek of garlic. I live in NYC and gotta take the subway etc. Cannot imagine the looks i m going to get.

      Are the odorless garlic supplements a good alternative? I am thinking of mixing a few of the gel capsules in the onion juice. what s your opinion on these?

      Also , i am getting really conflicting info about Amla-- soem say that it does darken the hair. Some say it doesn't.

    3. The garlic is only used to keep the hair from falling off, it doesn't grow hair. Some have used supplements to do that. I don't think Amla darkened my hair that much I used it to strengthen my hair, and the acidic content helps drive other products into the hair. It does darkens some peoples hair. I darken my hair with Maka.
      Sorry the garlic was so bad for you.

    4. lol no worries! I mean I didn t expect to smell like roses after bathing in garlic lol.
      I have light brown hair and not really wanting to darken it but a lot of websites say it wil darken it. I am doing all i can to strengthen hair but don t want any more bad surprises... the hair loss is enough hair surprise for a decade!

      So--can I do the mask minus garlic for growth? still works?
      Watching your youtube video on ''scripts''.... great one!
      ciao ciao

    5. Yes you can leave the garlic out if your hair is staying on your head. The onions are the growth secret.

      I think Amla will probably darken light brown hair. Most of the herbs I use are from India, and everyone wants strong dark shiny hair in India. You can use Cassia if you need strength in your hair.

  9. yeah... i was trying to avoid Cassia/ Henna because it dries it so much.
    I would love shiny black hair, just won t work on me.
    Just received the Amla and Shikakai I ordered and will experiment with them . Also got Fenugreek ( mehti) which am pretty sure doesn t color at all.
    btw-- what supplements do you recommend?
    I freaked out so much when I realized half my hair was gone that I ve been taking a plethora of supplements. Prolly too many...
    Thanks again for you time!

  10. hey! so I saw the doctor today, who insisted on B complex shots -- have you ever had those ? they are supposed to stop the hair loss after a few weeks ( shots every 2 weeks for 3 months).
    She also prescribed something called Extina. Originally for skin ailments/ baby cradle cap or whatever that s called but they realized it stimulates hair growth. I usually avoid anything chemical/ not natural ( even resisted the B shot for a while) but ... I must admit I am tempted. Have you had any experience with this product? or heard anything?


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