Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It is Summer: Tell Tale Signs Your Hair Needs Protein?

We all understand the harshness of old man winter, that biting wind, icy snow, salted mounds, itchy woolens, and drying indoor heating systems: But have you considered the equally imposing protein hair traps of summer? In the summer we often want to flaunt our hair with high manipulation braids, moisture rich wash n gos, and beach curls. Add that lovely moisture drenched air, and sizzling summer sun, and we have fried moisture overloaded hair. An astute hairologist might note that winter's regime isn't working for them right now, and mistakenly think products are no longer right for their hair. Before you throw out great winter products take a look at the tell tale signs that you might need a summer protein regime.

Summer's secret hair obstacle is hydra fatigue, think rain, steam, swimming, showers, sprinklers or just sweat. Hydra fatigue also known as moisture overload is a real danger in the summertime. Maintaining a moisture rich winter regime will lead to trouble. Firstly, it is too hot for those protective weaves and wigs not to cause a little extra sweat, irrespective to how dainty the wearer it. Admittedly, I sweat like a man, but everybody sweats. Add salty sweat to weave, plus steamy summer, and it can mean nasty split ends. Summer splits are particularly vicious, because hydra fatigue results in an explosion inside the hair shaft causing multiple splits on each one. Strands will look like a tree with many branches, as the branches fall off leaving thin ends. One of the key places this can be seen is in the nape, also called the kitchen. Think of all those short moist kitchens where thin ends just keep tangling, breaking and won't grow.

Here are a few tell tale signs that you might need protein. Your holy grail winter moisturizers/shampoos aren't working. The hair always feels dry no matter what is placed upon it. The ends feel/look like straw, they look a little thinner, or you are starting to note tiny hair breakage.  It is great that you are getting out, and enjoying the summer with trips to the beach, dips in the lake, or romantic strolls with a loved one, but getting that lovely sun washed hair is another sign. What about those delicious carefree box braids extensions we prefer to have put in at exotic island resorts, they look great, but cause secret manipulation.

Firstly, summer box braids are high manipulation, not just when installed but every time they are styled your hair is twisting upon itself, so it is a good idea to strengthen your hair with protein. Secondly, if extensions are added to the hair, there is passive manipulation from the weight of the false hair pulling upon the scalp. Give yourself a nice massage, and use a scalp spray to reduce inflammation. Thirdly, we all love those sun washed summer highlights because they are so sexy, some of the protective protein that allows you to maintain critical protein/moisture balance was removed with the hair color. If we remember to watch out for moisture overload, by adding a little extra protein to our hair, we can bask in that summer growth spurt-all fall.

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