Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lemon Onion Water to Keep the Doctor Away

Drinking in the goodness of fruits and vegetables is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. That is pretty powerful statement, but I intend to back it up with a few personal facts in this blog. Do you recall that bit of pep that comes after a nice cup of coffee or a delicious chocolate bar? It taste so good, it is so soothing that the body is able to affect the mind, and spirit. Just talking about it makes me want a mocha hot fudge sunday, with a scoop of home made vanilla ice cream, Amen. Drink a cup of carrot water to get your sugar rush, and follow it with a pint of my lemon onion water, and life is good.
It is a simple recipe with amazing results.

Lemon Onion Water
1/8 Onion
1/2 Lemon
4 C water

Juicer Method
Place the whole lemon and onion in the juicer.
Mix lemon/onion juice with four cups of water
Blender method
mix lemon, onion and water in the blender and drink

Carrot Water
1/2 pound Carrots
1 C water

Juicer Method
Make a half cup of carrot juice and mix with water
Hand method
Grate a half cup of carrots as small as possible then blend with water

These fruit waters are a great way to nourish a body into being able to detox. The recipes are quite strong, so try them when you are near a bathroom for a few hours. In case your body has some things it has been waiting to get rid of. Once you are use to nutritionally available food versus nutrition depleted food, it will be fine.

Let me chat a little bit about the properties within them. Lemons are a natural liver stimulator, so it helps the body to digest everything faster. If you have any old pockets of medicine, toxins, etc, lemons will pull them out, and help you get to a healthier place. Please use the whole lemon including the seeds, unless you are planting a tree. The skin of the lemon, it's white pit, and the seeds are edible. Obviously, we don't need large quantities of lemon, so use them according to tartness. That lemon peel and pit hold an amazing vitamin C bonous. Take a month every quarter to drink these waters, and please leave a comment in this blog so other can benefit from fruit waters.

The onion juice is going to course through your body dislodging organisms that have been secretly irritating your internal self. Placing them into the digestive system of removal. If you have a lot of them it could result in a little constipation. A swig of fresh aloe vera or prune juice ought flush through, just fine. Passage ways that weren't able to digest food because they bogged down fighting micro enemies are now free to accept nutrition. Caffeine has nothing on vitamins for long term energy. The energy from this drink is amazing so just drink a cup at a time, and see what happens.

Carrots provide a great source of vitamin A. Of course all that beta carotene is amazing for your eyes, and skin. Carrots are so sweet and delicious, they are like garden candy. Nice to know these babies pack a whelp for your health as well.

Lastly, water to hydrate your whole machine. Many of us are dehydrated. 2 cups of carrot water and 2 cups of lemon/onion water will get 4 cups of water into your body. Just add another 4 cups of fresh water, and you are on your way. Enjoy

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