Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Growing Out Bald Spots, Onion Mask Recipe

June 2012
I have greatly improved the amount of hair in my temple area. Below you can see the massive amounts of hair loss I suffered.
May 2011
My hair was coming out in clumps, and I had visible bald spots in the crown and temple area. The temple was the easiest for me to document.

Crown June 2012
There are still a few visible thin spots in the center of my head, but it has improved along with the temples during the course of the year.

Growing out bald spots seems like a dream come true. It was something I never thought possible. The day I realized I shed hair, and developed skin problems from stress was mind boggling. Pressure was causing physical symptoms that resulted in more stress and embarassment. How many other individuals think that an issue is genetic, when it could be enviramental. Ah me, the topic of the blog is not how I developed bald spots, but growing them out.

Follicle damage, irrespective of the cause is pretty permanent, and requires a lot of work to recover from. There are various proven techniques; but we all have to try to find one that will work for us. I found the cheapest and most reliable method, which I freely share with all. I place macerated raw onions, and herbs on my scalp. That is my secret. The onion enzymes exfoliate, sulfur disinfects, and something in the whole onion herb stimulates the scalp to produce new follicles.

Onion alone can be effective, but I do go further than that, I use macerated garlic, apple cider vinegar, distilled water, and hot red pepper to really work in sinergy. Many have simplified my recipe, and complained that it didn't work as well as my mix.  I meticulously picked items to naturally improve the health of my scalp. Garlic stops hair fall out, apple cider vinegar removes mites/dead skin, distilled water increases the effect of raw onion, and red peppers improves circulation while purifying the scalp. That is my basic mask.

The basic recipe is very effective, but I also add things to condition my hair. I love to mix bentonite clay into the mask because it naturally draws out excess hormones like DHT, toxins, and removes dead skin cells. I use to mix a bunch of herbs into the mask now I add one or two herbs and an essential oil to create my hair cocktail. My favorite herb is neem; but if I were pregnant it would be maka or amla.

My mask contains pure herbs, no oils except for essential oils are added. Although oils are healing, they have buffering qualities to them and concentrated mask seem to effect the most effective change in the health and function of the scalp. After the mask is complete, I use copious amounts of oil. Coconut, hemp, and castor oil are among my favorite healing oils.

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  2. Where can i find the bentonite? Can i buy it at a walgreens or cvs?

  3. May i ask you some questions?
    How often do you prepare your musk?
    Can i store the mixture in the fridge?
    How many days will expire the musk?
    What are the right amounts of the ingredients? Especially for the bentonite clay?
    In addition to onion, garlic, apple cider vinegar, red pepper and bentonite clay, do you use something else?
    Do i have to cook the recipe? How long?
    Do you use a blender and mix the ingredients? Or do you extract the juice and then add the bentonite clay?
    How often do i have to apply the musk, considering that i'm at the beginning of the "cure"? And How do you apply it?
    There is an amount of minimum time to consider when you apply the mixture on the scalp?

    Thank you for share your solution! I'm really desperate ad i want to try you musk!
    I apologize for my english but i'm italian. I hope that what i've written is comprensible

    1. I will post the answer for you on my new blog site wildhairedmavens.com. This question requires another blog, so I left the link to my new site. Your English is just fine, I understand and appreciate the comment. You should probably join the site because it is going to take a few different blogs to get all that information posted. I will enable international so my blog is seen in all languages.

    2. Thanks for the response :-)

  4. hello -- tried posting this on the other site but t gave me ''incorrect security code'' when I tried to publish it...
    have been searching for the exact recipe of your onion hair mask. On your other site, there aren t any exact measurements or mentions of the specific herbs or essential oils.

    I ad an accident 4 months ago-- and because I am very sensitive, the stress on my body has caused major shedding. I ve always had great , very long hair, and for months I didn t really think much of the hair I saw falling, I figured it was just normal amount. I thought I was having bad hair days... changed shampoos... until I realized 2 weeks ago that it was actually half as much as I had in Late june....

    It s something I never thought I would have to face. I mean, I ve always had a lot of har, known for my mane... never worried about that. So I am looking for every possible solution out there.
    I did my first onion juice thing to night-- pure juice. Left it for two hours.
    Washed off and rinsed with potato water ( hey am trying everything out there!-- btw what s your experience with potato water?)

    Looking forward to your response.
    Thank you for posting your story on youtube, it gave me hope.

    With gratitude

  5. How much of each ingredient did you use to make the mask? (water, hot pepper, vinegar, onions and garlic).

  6. Hello Dear,,,U are such a nice woman. I have started this mask thing and am 3 days into it. I hope it works for me too,I'll share the results after 2 weeks. Please tell me is Red Pepper and red chili the same? Do they have same effect? I am asian and we use red chili in cooking. Your response will be highly appreciated. Love

    1. Yes, yes red pepper and red chili are the same.

    2. Hi Connie, I'm back. Its been ten days and I'm feeling improvement already. Its a mess everyday but never mind as its so fast and cheap.

      I did not feel any bumps or black dots on the scalp as I don't have Afro hair. I have fine wavy hair and feel there is new growth of very fine hair. The skin of the scalp seems grayish now. :) :) :) :D

      I have questions too.
      What would be the effect if I add blended aloe vera to the mask?
      Can I add castor oil and/or almond oil to the mix? Or Oil my hair before applying the mask?

      Thanks darling <3

    3. Wow Voila,

      That is the fastest hair growth results I have heard of, great! You can blend some aloe vera into the mask, and use oils as you like. Whatever gives you the best results.

    4. Dear Connie, I forgot to mention that my hair is still shedding as always. My hair shed at very high rate. Will it reduce and in approx. how much time.

  7. Hello Connie, I'm almost two months into this Onion mask and am fairly regular having missed for 4,5 days only. I notice considerable new hair growth. I am happy and they keep me going too. :D The one thing i'm concerned about is that my hair is shedding like autumn leaves these days. Shedding never stopped and these days its even more. I wonder whats going on. Do you or anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the hair too that's already there. :) I am taking multivitamins too for hair,nail,skin. I guess I might be anemic. Will start Iron supplements too.

    1. It might be a good idea to go see a doctor about that kind of shedding, are you under any stress?

  8. I’m glad that the onion mask recipe you came up with helped in growing your hair back on your bald spots. There are so many solutions out there, but not all are effective. The only proven effective for all who are having trouble with thinning hair or bald spots is hair transplant. Again, I’m happy it worked for you! I just hope it won’t cause any allergies for others who may want to try it.

    Paola Basilio

  9. hai lovely connie :).. i dice onion and garlic put in blender add apple cider and red chili and water.. then i strain the juice? did i do it right sorry im not good in english..

  10. Hi Connie, can I use cayenne pepper?

  11. The bald spots may not be permanent. If you do not cause further damage and begin to nurture your follicles they can recover and become healthy. Often hair follicles go dormant to try to recover from the damage. In the below article there are few methods for the treatment of bald spots.
    In the article it is explained properly how it occurs and their cure. You should stress free to reduce and cure from this problem.

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  13. Hello I saw your post on onion juice and wanted to ask a few questions.

    I was wondering are you still using the onion juice?

    Do you use it daily, if not how often do you use it and do you leave it on for a specific time?

    Currently,  I've been using it for a week and I know it will take time to see progress. I've been using it as a hair mask that I leave in overnight with a plastic cap and cover with a scarf. So far I feel a tingling feeling when I first massage it in and when I cover my hair with the plastic cap and scarf. 

    It's not a bad tingle more of a warm sensation. So far I like this method because it's healthier and natural. My hair is very very curly shoulder length.  I usually braid my hair loosely in this treatment.

    I'm also eating healthier and taking my vitamins to help. I also use more natural homemade products to moisturize my hair.

    If you have any tips please let me know.



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