Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Summer Protein Regime

Many natural afro textured heads avoid protein like it is a plague, but I have found it to be very effective for hair retention when used properly. Below I list my summer protein regime, my moisturizing routine is even more grueling. Therefore I would like to warn those that keep it simple, adding the amount of protein to your hair care regime that I do without eating what I eat, drinking the amount of water that I do, exercising as much as I do, getting a hair cut as often as I do, would mean protein overload-even if you followed my moisturizing routine. Diet, water, and exercise are the basis for any successful haircare regime. It might be all you need.

Every 6 to 8 weeks 
Hard protein: These demand a two step process, and leave my hair hard for a week, so I can't use a weekly protein for a week or two after this. These are used by those of us that have damaged our hair from health problems, medications, stress, or styling. Right now I am using a discontinued liquid protein, but I like the cherry lola, and have heard good things about eggs.

Medium Strength Protein: Look for words like strengthener, fortifier, or reconstructor
Moisturizing Deep conditioner: I always follow my medium strength proteins with a moisturizing deep condition even though the bottles do not instruct me to use a two step process.

Every Other Day
I massage my scalp with a medium protein leave in mixed with oil, many old fashion grease products, growth aids, and gels are medium strength proteins. Take a look at the ingredients you will be surprised at all the protein in styling products. I just mix them with oil to add additional moisture
Onion Mask over night(has a light protein)

Spritz with a light protein, some popular ones are old fashion curl sprays. They usually have the word 'curl' in the title and were once used to moisturize jerri curls. Make sure there is a protein in the ingredients. Many natural hair companies make hair moisturizing spritz that have light protein in them. Silk protein seems to be pretty popular in the natural community.

Warning About Protein
Most of the products that people rave about growing their hair are proteins. Conversely, most of the products that people say broke all their hair out are proteins. Be careful with them.  I use between three to five moisturizers everyday, and will use even more than that if my hair needs it.
Take a look at what is in the products that you are currently using to determine if your regime is protein rich, most are.

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