Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bald Spot Regrowth Mimics Infant Hair Growth

The bald spots are embarrassing, thin hair looks unhealthy, and yet growing out bald spots comes with a whole new set of issues. On a day to day basis, strangers that meet us in the street assume our lives are perfect, we are confident, and successful. With these grand assumptions comes judgement. Namely, when they see us with thin uneven textured hair, we are judges for not cutting off the damaged hair. There is no awareness of this thing called a baldness growth journey. It is a bit easier for a person that wears short hair, but a woman that wants long luxurious thick hair is going to feel the wrath of society along the journey.

The real issue with bald spot growth journey and the look of thin ends evolves from the way the scalp is repairing itself. Hair is not a priority, so the scalp is cautious during the regrowth process. What do I mean by cautious? The follicles start to pop up a little at a time. The first hair follicles often produce stark white fine hair, which requires the least amount of energy. This hair growth mimics the growth process experienced by a baby. Overtime the hair fills in. Additionally, these fine white hairs tend to fall out and are replaced by thick hair, just like baby hair is replaced by children's hair. Therefore, each time a new crop of hair gets long enough to be seen with the naked eye, the length of the hair is going to look thin in comparisons. Every two months one can expect an inch of thick new hair at the root. We don't judge babies for going thru this journey to a full head of hair, but adults aren't expected to share the same hair journey as infants.

My journey has been my own, there aren't any journals for me to check, so I am writing this for you. If your hair looks like it has broken off, and your ends are thinner, that might very well be new hair growing from the scalp. I am currently trimming every month to try to maintain a look of thicker hair. When my hair gets long enough, I may just put it into a bun so I don't have to deal with societal pressure to be perfect.

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