Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moisturize: Baldness Regrowth Journey

Moisturizing my hair while on a baldness regrowth journey is critical. All of the rules need to be amended to work synergistically with harsh topicals in order to maintain the integrity of the hair growth. In the morning when I wake up I either wash out the onion mask or spritz, but I always moisturize.

Keeping the hair properly hydrated is a key to having healthy hair. A couple of times a week I will use a protein treatment, followed by a moisturizing hair mask.
On a daily basis I will apply a butter or grease to my scalp.

Every other day I will apply an oil mix to the scalp to reduce inflammation and perform a scalp massage for circulation.

At some point I am going to prepare a demonstration video of how I moisturize and seal in the morning. It is just that I look so jacked up, I am too embarrassed to take the video, but I will figure something out. Maybe when my hair gets a little thicker, and my skin a little clearer it will all come together. So here is my morning routine

Moisturize and Seal
2. Detangler
3. oil hair and scalp
4. Grease scalp with a butter or grease
4. Ends creme
5. Seal with Pomade and twist

If my hair feels dry I will spritz and seal with oil while in the twist. Additionally, I place ends creme and pomade upon the ends of my twist daily. I often use a moisturizing deep conditioner to detangle my hair, although I prefer a product created to detangle afro textured hair.

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