Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nutrition: Hair Growth Regime

Firstly, let me say, I haven't developed a short cut. The only person, I have tested my technique on is myself and those that follow my post. It has been over a year and there are many testimonials, so I have developed an awareness of some key points. Baldness is a result of weakness in the body or mind, not a topical issue solved with a simple scalp treatment. Mine was a result of both physical and mental turmoil. It is caused alopecia areta, which means sudden baldness. At first I thought my methods would only work on people with the same issue, but in the course of a year, many men with Male Pattern baldness have reported the same positive results as myself. We all used a total holistic approach. Health is wealth.

1. Reduce the stress (prayer/meditation)
2. Improve Nutrition
3. Exercise/Massage
4. Drink Copious amounts of Water
5. Apply topical Mask

I take vitamins at least four times a week, and drink a protein shake with herbs daily. My water intake varies between 6 to 10 glasses per day. I eat at least a pound of fresh raw fruit per day, and often have a cup of salad. I make home made salad dressing from nut oils, and apple cider vinegar. I drink four cups of water blended with half of a whole lemon, and a scoop of MSM powder. My exercise of choice is hot yoga or ballet. Once of twice per week I eat meat, that means two meals a week have meat, not two days a week. On a daily basis, I enjoy dairy products, and am particularly fond of kefir. three or four times per week I give myself a 2 minute scalp massage. When I am under a lot of stress, the massages can be increased to twice per day.

Our hair can fall out for hormonal, nutritious, physical or mental reasons. Each of these causes are very difficult to determine, as the hormone might be out of balance for physical or mental reasons. A physical problem may cause mental stress, or a mental issue might lead to physical problems. The body is designed to survive, and aesthetic is a secondary issue. We can live without hair, many are even quite attractive without it, but most of us prefer to have some hair.

If a person has high blood pressure, they may notice that their hair is thinning. Often we assume lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, and diabetes are age related. I was determined not to have these so called age related problems because the body renews itself every seven years-the body is young, but overtime our bodies have become the host of many things. I do not own these ailments, and believe they can be conquered. I see 90 years olds running marathons, and 50 year olds confined to scooters. We have a choice.

Layer one thing on at a time. I would suggest starting with drinking water, and walking a few times per week. After that becomes a habit, add a nutritious beverage. At this point start to replace meat with salads and smoothies during breakfast. Imagine a breakfast of strawberry smoothie with a bowel of pineapple. Then start doing the onion mask. While sitting alone with the mask, it is an ideal time to pray and journal. After removing the mask, a quick massage in the shower, and you have begun the Baldness regrowth journey. It is not easy with Mcdonald's on every corner, and a car in the garage. The last thing to improve on the body is the amount of hair on the scalp, and one can see a decrease in scar tissue.

This is my journey, and I can only decide what I do with my body from this point forward. Everything I suggested hurts in the beginning. Exercise is painful and hard. Hot yoga is hot, and my skin itches from all the sweat during the class. Ballet is painful, and I get dizzy from spinning in circles. Water taste plain, and seaweed taste fishy. Making smoothies is time consuming, and I prefer the taste of ice cream. Losing weight caused me to have hunger pains and irritability. This diet causes the body to detox, and detoxing can result in tiredness and boils. The body will use the skin to release toxins, and you may feel tired during the process. Oh, let me not forget the seaweed can cause constipation, and the smoothies/salads can cause diarrhea. If you eat the fruit but don't drink enough water, your skin will burn from the increase in vitamin C. This one is obvious, the red pepper can cause the skin and eyes to sting. An unknown side effect of getting red pepper in the eyes is that it cleans them, and they become whiter, but is it worth the pain? Prayer can seem lonely and awkward; I felt so silly and desperate when I started. Salads require a lot of fresh ingredients, take time to prepare, and get boring. My onion mask stink. Herbs are expensive. Lastly, all of these treatments together are a lifestyle change that requires years of daily labor in order to see results. At the end of the day each of us will make the choice of how much beauty and health are worth to us versus modern ease.

Seaweed Drink Recipe
1/2    Whole Lemon (with seeds)
1/4 t  spirulina
1/4 t  chlorella
1   T  honey ( I purchase fresh Avocado honey from a local farmer, and it is not very sweet)
pinch of cayenne
4 cups of water

mix all the ingredients in the blender and drink, serves one


  1. All the respect to your honesty detailing the downside that we always talk about as an excuse to avoid healthy lifestyle.
    Yeah its about taking it one step at a time...and it was gr8 to know thateven if the reasons for hairloss were psychological/mental/stress...that the onion mask would still stimulate hairgrowth back.
    The talk around me is always in the direction : if yr problem was stress...then no remedy whatsoever can bring yr hair back...and u only should work on the stress problem.

    Now i know at least i can work on my diet and masks...mayb when i see some good change that will have a better impact on depression and stress.

    Thanks alot :)

  2. Is the Spirulina & Chlorella you use in powdered form?

  3. I have a question about the onion mask. Is it supposed to heat your scalp and leave a bit of a light red mark but then go away after I have washed it out. Sorry I couldn't find the actual blog about it.


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