Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pura Body Natural Review

I purchased the complete purabodynatural line of products because of the many positive reviews I saw on the line. Upon using the products I enjoyed the positive effect of the products upon my hair. Simultaneously, I do not agree with the rave reviews of most of these products, I am still considering various other lines.

Sapote Hair lotion is a medium thickness lotion. I bought the tahitian vanilla scent and I am very happy with the scent. The lotion is a good leave in for adding moisture to the hair and has humectant properties. I used this product along with the capuacu butter. Although I liked this product and am still using it, I prefer a thicker creme to this medium texture lotion. The product provides good moisture, but not as much as a creme. The lotion provides some water, but not as much as a spray. So it is a good product for someone that wants to use a medium weight all in one product. I like the unique feel of the product, sapote is a healing oil.

Sapote Oil is a medium to rich oil. I apply this oil to my scalp, not my hair. Sapote oil has been studied and found to have healing properties. In 1970, clinical tests at the University of California at Los Angeles failed to reveal any hair-growth promoting activity but confirmed that the oil of sapote seed is effective in stopping hair-fall caused by seborrheic dermatitis. 

Capuacu Butter is a whipped butter. I love the texture of this product, it is a butter that has been whipped to the point of feeling airy on the hand. I enjoy both the smell and texture of this creme. I use this product to seal my hair and do braid outs. I find this product very moisturizing, but it does not provide hold or the best braid outs. The results of using this product is to have soft moisturized hair. This is my favorite butter for moisturizing my hair.

Chocolate Hair Smoothie is medium weight creme. It has a light chocolate smell to it, I would have preferred a stronger chocolate smell based upon the title. This a good deep conditioner, it gets the job done. I like to use a chocolate deep conditioner when I want to increase the mineral content in my deep conditioning treatment. 

Rhassoul Hair and Body Cleanser is a container of Moroccan red clay. This clay when mixed with oils has both cleansing and conditioning properties. I use this as a cleansing deep conditioner. It has purifying properties, but is very conditioning. This is more of a co wash than a cleanser when mixed with oils. When used with water or vinegar, this clay makes my hair hard, so I would suggest the use of another clay for gentle cleansing. 

PuraBody Natural is a unique product line that seems to have purifying, cleansing, and healing properties. I do not consider it the most moisturizing line I use, but it is the only line that focuses on healing properties. I enjoy this line and will continue to purchase items.

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